1) The Dark Spot Campaign! (November 2006+)

A Map- and Experience-based Campaign starting in November and featuring: 4 Warbands – 10 Campaign Turns, 20 City locations, 8 Wilderness locations, 1 Special location, 13 Powerful Artefacts, Warband Encampments (upgradeable), special scenarios and much more!

2) Mordheim Wyrdstone Fever Campaign (2005+; in Progress)

Mordheim Box

Mordheim History

Five hundred years before the current time, the Empire was divided and the forces of Chaos prepared to invade. It was a dark era known as The Time of the Three Emperors. In the 2,000 years since Sigmar Heldenhammer had purged the lands that would become the Empire, the race of Man had become arrogant and largely corrupt. There was, of course, those that remained pure of heart and soul, men such as Magnus the Pious who would eventually rise up and reunite the Empire, but that was still three years away.

Mordheim, was once a great city capital of the Empire's most northern realm, Ostermark, and often referred to as the 'brightest star of the North' in its heyday. But as the years wore on, the corruption slowly enveloped the land and Mordheim in particular, like a over-ripened fruit, seemed to spoil. The only beacon of goodness and sanity in Mordheim was the Convent of the Sisterhood of Sigmar. The madness and depravity that now gripped the city was not to remain unpunished. Weeks before the end of the year 1999, the symbol of Sigmar himself - the twin-tailed comet - had appeared in the sky. It grew closer as the new year approached and a festival atmosphere grew in the corrupt city. As midnight of the final day of the year fast approached, it is said that Daemons crept from the shadows and mingled with the throng, crying joyously and cavorting with man and woman alike.

As the new year arrived and city was crammed and the prancing throng was at its zenith, the comet impacted upon the city. Sigmar had judged Mordheim lacking and all over the Empire the land shook! Only the Temple of Sigmar's Rock, home to the Sisterhood of Sigmar, who had locked themselves away weeks before the comets arrival, remained unblemished.

The city burned for weeks, those not instantly vaporised by the comet were slowly mutated and died in withering agony. Mordheim had become a crater of death. The comet had left one final gift, the ruins of Mordheim were now covered in shards of solidified Chaos, soon to become known as wyrdstone. When Mordheim finally stopped burning many mercenary warbands from all over the Empire and beyond came in search of the stuff, for it was said that wyrdstone could do anything; change your luck and fortune and turn lead into gold. Of course, Man was not the only race interested in wyrdstone, and many other creatures also now prowl the City of the Damned. It is also said that something stirs in the area known as The Pit a place where the comet struck deepest.