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We have been playing games for many years (too many?). As ambitious gamers, we have tried many different games and systems, world settings, time periods and such. On this site, we share with you some of our accumulated knowledge and creations.

The RPG section presents campaigns, adventures, game session summaries and goodies for Rolemaster, D&D, Warhammer FRP, etc. Our Mordheim League Campaign: "Wyrdstone Fever" is featured in the Miniatures section along with house rules, turn summaries, statistics and picture galleries. The Boardgames section lists our favorite boardgames including pictures of our homemade 3D tiles for Settlers of Catan. Next, the Terrain tab leads you to the fantastic hobby of terrain-making. Some of our creations are showcased along with a bunch of resource to inspire you. Furthermore, you can go to the Red Golem Store to find gaming supplies (miniatures, terrain, scenery, accessories, etc.) that we have acquired or made in recent years and that we are selling off to buy more hobby supplies!

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What's New

8-II-07: Opening 2 Blogs: Red Golem and Les Lames Vives!

18-II-07: 15mm WWII village is being built!

7-II-07: Building 15mm houses for a WWII miniature game.

16-I-07: Rolemaster Campaign History updated.

18-XII-06: Completed a two-houses scenery for Mordheim


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